"I have done more in 3 months with HyperTribe, than 9 years"

Georgia Tuohey, HyperTribe Member

Get Your Next Steps

All the guidance you need for your music career, in one place.


  • Guidance on your next steps

  • Developing your brand and social media

  • Access to specialist industry contacts

  • Personalise clear goals, plans and direction

  • An extended team

  • Support & accountability

  • Priority access to programmes and resources

Is Hypertribe right for me?

We are just as serious as you.

Our membership is NOT for anyone who is not serious about being an artist. We are here to help you make a career of your music. That means;

1) Generating an income
2) Developing your fan base
3) Pushing you to reach your goals

We're here to be the support team you need to give you an edge as an artist.

Grow Your Career with a Team Behind You

What do you get as a Hypertriber?

  • Introductory Review

    Once you join us as a Hypertriber you get a free 20-minute session with our campaign expert to map out your goals and review where you are now to set you off on the right path.

  • Personalised Roadmap

    Whether you are on the monthly or yearly plan we will create a personalised roadmap of your time with us. That could be a 12-month plan with key goals you want to reach or a monthly target depending on your membership.

  • Private Community

    We have vetted and personally invited our artist community members so you now part of the family and have a new resource to ask questions and find contacts.

  • Live Industry Q&A

    Each month we will have an industry expert join us on a subject matter. You will be able to have direct access to them a live Q&A, starting in September 2020.

  • Monthly Check-in's

    We send out a monthly check-in each month to make sure you're keeping motivated. If you need some support we are here. We know the industry to add a light touch of guidance.

  • Opportunities

    We have blog partners and promoters always looking for recommendations so where to look than within our own network? We will refer only from our members and never outside our network.

  • Exclusive Resources

    You will be able to access the exclusive industry resources we develop for our community to make sure you have the advantage over the competition.

  • Monthly Insights

    The latest news for musicians about current affairs to give you an insight into the latest tools and changes in the industry to help you stay ahead of the competition.

  • Part of the Family

    As a Hypertriber you are part of the family. Your success is our key priority. Whether you have a manager, label, and beyond, you're family now so we will always be on the lookout on how we can add value to you.

Bonus Feature - Hypertribe Incubator Programme

* Included with the Hypertriber Membership until 1 August 2020

With our Hypertriber membership, you can enjoy the additional benefit of enrolling in our incubator program. You will be provided training and a step-by-step program over a period of 3 months with the Hypertribe team to support to get up and running as an artist. *ON OFFER UNTIL 1 AUGUST 2020


  • How do I become a Hypertriber?

    Step 1: Apply via our application form and choose the membership you like.

    Step 2: Your membership will start and you will receive an introduction call to welcome you to Hypertribe.

  • Can I change my membership at any time?

    Yes, you can. We know you may not need us as much as other times and your journey is different. So we offer flexibility to all our members so you can upgrade and downgrade at any time.

  • How do I know which membership is right for me?

    If you're not sure what membership to go for feel free to contact us and we will suggest what might be a good option. Email us at membership@hypertribe.io.

  • When does my membership start?

    Your membership will not start until we have accepted your application. You will then be asked to complete your purchase.

  • Can I cancel at any time?

    Yes. If you are on the monthly membership cycle you can cancel before the next billing cycle and the same goes for the yearly plan also.