Who Are We?

Meet Kimmy Dickson...

"I'm Kimmy Dickson the Founder of HyperTribe and have worked in the music industry from the age of 15 years old, starting with work experience at Simon Cowells, Syco Sony. Since then I have worked in management, events and also tech. I have seen horror stories of bad branding, management deals, signings that never needed to happen for an artists, and put them in a powerless position. Through my various roles of being a manager, promoter and studio owner I have come to understand that the knowledge of building an artist as a business is where nowadays artists are beginning to succeed. Innovation needs to happen in the way artists develop and HyperTribe is here to make that happen. We give artists the tools they need to empower themselves through the music industry 3.0 and 4.0. Our team works tireslessly to bring as much value to artists as possible."
Kimmy Dickson

Why does it matter?

As you heard from Kimmy, Hypertribe was born out of a frustration at the fractured and biased way in which the music industry worked. It was time for change. The Hypertribe community is here to support music artists. That means we want to help you navigate your path to a sustainable lifestyle with less pain and anxiety than those who have trodden this path before you. It really is that simple. As you progress on your journey, our hope is that you will be inspired to start to work with and support the artists behind you, who are in your shoes today. In this way, we can encourage a music community which is run by artists, for artists.
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