Get rewarded for your music listening

Hypertribe works to make fans experience a personal, tailored experience of music. Imagine listening to a live concert at your favourite venue and leaving with a gift from your favourite artist, well we make that happen. At the heart of our ethos is to help fans channel their fanaticism while assisting with sustainable artist development

  • Get rewarded for your music habits
  • Exclusive Invites & contents Direct from Artists
  • Personalised Gig/Festival Experiences
  • News and exclusive updates
  • Buy Tickets and get Discounts from your favourite brands just for sharing their fanaticism


What are points for?

Hypertribe, enhances fans to artist interaction, with a mobile app, and a fan rewards system. The points can be used to redeem rewards within the app. As you accumulate points, you get added to a leader-board, which can further qualify you for even more exclusive access to events and other live experiences.

How can I earn points?

We aim to reward music fans for the things “you already do” and encourage you to do more of those things. There are thus lots of ways to earn Hypertribe points, such as. streaming music, sharing news, attending events and inviting friends to join Hypertribe.

What if my favorite artist isn't listed on Hypertribe?

We have launched with an exclusive list of artists. The good news is that list if growing all the time, so let us know! We are constantly adding new artists to our database and we are always interested in hearing about the latest up and coming talent. You can send suggestions to


After I redeem a reward, how long will it take to get it?

Mileage may vary, depending on the reward. The digital rewards, are the fastest and can be instant or within 24 hours. Physical rewards, as you can imagine, will require time to ship, so it may depend on where you live. We'll let you know when the item is on the way!

How the fan charts works?

Streaming music is one of the many ways you can earn points, and when doing it from a specific artist, you get points towards his fan charts, simple as that. Eventually, Hypertribe Rewards will provide great experiences for the real fans.

Can I buy events tickets on Hypertribe?

Yes, and absolutely Yes!. Buying tickets through Hypertribe Rewards is one of the many ways you can get points, which later can be exchanged for rewards.

I have a technical issue, who can I contact?

If you have any technical issues you can reach us at